Regulatory Compliance

Partner with LIMA and experience a blend of compliance prowess and business acumen, that’ll empower your business. In today’s complex and ever-changing business landscape, compliance is not just a necessity, but a strategic advantage. Our team of compliance experts is committed to meticulously navigating the intricate web of industry-specific regulations, laws, and standards, tailored to your unique needs.

  • Registration and renewal of GIPC Permits, filing of monthly and annual reports;
  • Registration and renewal of Petroleum Commission Permits;
  • Registration and renewal of Minerals Commission Permits;
  • Forex authorization from Bank of Ghana;
  • Registrations, payments and filing of Pensions returns (SSNIT, Tier 2) and obtaining SSNIT clearance certificates;
  • Renewal of tax exemption approvals;
  • All other permits and exemptions as allowed by law.
  • Immigration Services
  • Work and Residence Permits (including dependents);
  • Extension of visitors permits;
  • Emergency entry permits;
  • Re-entry visas;
  • Filing of annual returns at Ghana Immigration Service;
  • Company Secretarial Services We assist with filing relevant documents at Registrar General’s Department including;
    Business Name Registrations, Name Search & Share Transfer.

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